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Breaking barriers and building community for an effective, sustainable and inclusive digitalization of adult guidance services

The objective of European Project Breaking barriers and building community for an effective, sustainable and inclusive digitalization of adult guidance services (Digi-Breaker +), funded by the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships Programme, is to accelerate the green and digital transitions, as per the European Pillar of Social Rights, which affirms that “every person has the right to receive timely and custom-tailored assistance to improve their employment outlook,” and the European Climate Pact, which prioritizes green skills to improve employment and self-employment opportunities.” In line with the 2021 Porto Declarations, DB+  places education and skills at the centre of its action, supporting adult students and their communities to transform the challenges opened by the green and digital transitions into new opportunities for human development. DB+ presents a multimedia course that facilitates access to orientation and training services. Thanks to a portfolio of didactic materials and a flexible approach, the project addresses the need to qualify and requalify workers to adapt to market transformations during the transition towards a climate-neutral economy.

Moreover, the project provides a community-based approach to the development of innovative and inclusive adult education programmes with the objective of driving networking between adult students, adult student education organisations, and a wide array of social actors to promote active citizenship and reduce the risk of marginalization of our citizens.



24 months (Dec. 2022 – Nov. 2024)


Thanks to a global and transnational approach to digital professional orientation, DB+ addresses the following objectives:

  • Support unemployed adults – especially those who are not highly skilled or qualified – to access new orientation and motivation courses that will help them better manage their careers through the development of a series of digital tools that will improve their self-awareness and understanding of the options available for new learning or career opportunities.
  • Increase the skills and tools available to professional orientation and adult education operators by providing them with innovative digital solutions to enrich the methods used to help unemployed adults seeking employment.


  • Direct: professional orientation and adult education operators
  • Indirect: adults and youth seeking employment and professional growth


  • SEARCH and analysis of good practices based on the collection and review of 30 positive cases featuring the application of digital tools and methodologies to work.
  • BRIDGE THE GAP - creative proposal for the inclusion of digital tools in adult orientation services, development of a multimedia tools to support adults in the development of new skills to increase their employment opportunities, thanks to a greater and more informed access to digital technology.
  • CDAP (Community Development Action Plan) – Development of a transnational network of orientation services for adult education.
  • Introduce operators and consultants, as well as local learning centres, libraries, etc. to adopt the DIGI-BREAKER approach in their daily activities.
  • COURSES integrated with lab activities for practical application of information acquired for seeking employment.
  • DIGI-BREAKER strategic action plan for transferal and up-scaling of results – a policy recommendations guidebook – for authorities and institutions in participating and interested countries.



  • Training of employment centre and adult education operators to acquire and transfer technical skills.
  • Development of more attractive professional orientation courses, custom-tailored to adult students.
  • Increase level of digital competence through adoption of ITC in adult education.
  • Increase digital skills to increase employment opportunities. 


  • Development of a skill set, e-book and MOOC for adult users.
  • Creation of guidelines for educators/consultants.
  • Creation of a guidebook including policy recommendations for the developmen of adult orientation and education strategies.

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