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Didactic Projects with CS First

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Didactic Projects with CS First

Didactic Projects with CS First

Two Digital Rooms for teachers, educators, and coaches.

Two Digital Rooms for teachers, educators, and coaches.

Two Digital Rooms will be held for the teachers who participated in the CS First training sessions to better understand how the platform operates and the tools available for developing educational projects, including curriculum mapping. The "digital rooms" format allows teachers, educators, and coaches to informally share useful information, experiences, and good practices. Computer Science First is a coding platform that helps teachers, even without experience, to introduce new digital languages into their subjects and create personalized vertical curricula.

The first Digital Room, entitled Pictures at an Exhibition, will be held on Thursday, February 15 (5-6 pm) with Coaches Barbara Avella and Mauro Crepaldi.

The second, entitled Creative with CS First, will be held on March 27 (5-6 pm) with Coaches Melina Cundari and Marzia Trumino.

Here are the coaches that will hold the first session, both of whom are co-authors of the book entitled Integrated Digital Citizenship and Sustainability in Primary School (Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson, Trento 2023).

Barbara Avella

A biologist researching the effects of non-ionizing radiation, Barbara also works as a teacher in primary school. Since the beginning of her teaching activity, she has promoted the study of STEM subjects, also with a view to overcoming the gender gap by teaching subjects in the logical-scientific-mathematical field with deep incursions into disciplines that are only apparently unrelated. As the coordinator for various scientific projects characterized by interdisciplinarity and peer sharing, she is constantly listening to proposals by the scientific and technological community. She is a science addict, who is interested in broad-spectrum scientific dissemination. In fact, she has published several works and teaching units for Educ @ tional magazine (Lisciani). She is a CS First coach for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Scientics Ambassador.

Mauro Crepaldi

A primary school teacher with a prolific ongoing collaboration with the Fondazione Mondo by both in terms of training (Google CS First), as well as publications by Fabbri Scuola (textbooks) and Erickson (educational series), Mauro has crossed the entire coding zoo from the turtle in Logo to the kitten in Scratch). Certain that school must anticipate, and not follow, the work orientation of the future, he teaches astronomy-astronautics. He managed to have a planetarium built in the school where he also is the digital coordinator. He coordinated a series of school initiatives of a social nature, always looking for new collaborations with teachers of all subjects (disciplinary, logistical, and didactic just as in the Community of “Our School” Professors).

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