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Digital Twins and Virtual Hospitals

Il metaverso nella sanità

Digital Twins and Virtual Hospitals

Digital Twins and Virtual Hospitals

Incursions into the Metaverse at the Simmed National Congress

Innovative technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence have multiple applications in the medical field, from the development of digital twins to testing new care models and the management of virtual hospitals capable of fully replicating the activities of a general hospital. But what are the limits and challenges that we must overcome to achieve the promises of the Metaverse? The Italian Society for Simulation in Medicine (Simmed) reports in its SimZine magazine on the first forays into the metaverse carried out at Binario F [see: Loading... the Mediverse].

“During the meetings, presentations were held to analyse the level of di realism provided by main VR software packages and how work is already being done to allow operators to enjoy sensory feedback. Moreover, we addressed the legislative and regulatory aspects needed in Italy to facilitate the spread of virtual simulation in healthcare facilities, and which skills are important to acquire so that the digital divide will no longer pose an obstacle to the potential offered by the Metaverse."

Today, on the eve of the National Congress of the Italian Society for Simulation in Medicine (Genoa, October 12-13), we return to explore this new technological frontier and its possible applications, by entering directly into the metaverse.

The appointment with the workshop "The Metaverse for Healthcare" will be held in the the San Martino Hospital DIMI Department Conference Room (14.00-16:00).

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