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Eyes on the Web in Orvieto

Coding Girls

Eyes on the Web in Orvieto

Eyes on the Web in Orvieto

The Challenge developed thanks to the synergy between Coding Girls and Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity.

Today, the final tour of Coding Girls reaches Orvieto, in the Province of Terni, where the Liceo Ettore Majorana will host a cybersecurity challenge organised in synergy with Project Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity. The project is promoted in collaboration with Microsoft to drive the development of strategic digital skills amongst youth for new jobs in cybersecurity with a particular focus on young women. 

After the training course to provide students with the skills and abilities required to evaluate the IT risks, device vulnerabilities, and address prominent issues such as privacy and data security, 50 students will compete in an exciting and fun challenge with OSINT activities (Open-Source Intelligence) to learn to reflect on the importance of safeguarding the information shared on-line with responsibility and awareness.


10.00 | WELCOME 

  • Lorella Monichini, Director, Liceo Majorana
  • Cecilia Stajano, Community Coordinator, Fondazione Mondo Digitale 


  • Piergiorgio Ricci, Professor, LS Majorana, and FMD Coach

13.00 | AWARDS 

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale presents an award to the winning team.

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