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The Fab Six

The Fab Six

The Fab Six

The youngest, Emanuele, is fourteen years old. He just finished his eighth grade exams. Three others are taking their final state exams. Valeria, who is fifteen, lives in Alessandria. Vincenzo is from Canicattì, in the Province of Agrigento.


Six very different stories with a common passion: digital manufacturing and computer programming. They all met thanks to Project Make Learn Share Europe to become the Italian digital ambassadors.


Here are their stories:



Transforming digital natives into ambassadors who can promote the conscious and responsible new of technology: this is the challenge launched by European Project Make Learn Share Europe to develop new opportunities for learning digital skills amongst young men and women throughout Europe, promotes the exchange of knowledge and peer learning. The project is dedicated to students who wish to become conscious users of technology, content creators and not just users.


Each ambassador will train other students in coding, robotics, digital making and gaming.


Vincenzo Polizzi (19) loves chess and sports, especially football and swimming. He has been studying robotics since he was eight. In his free time, he likes to meet up with friends and draw. He is currently about to take his final state exams on “robots and neural networks.”


Leonardo Falanga (17) loves all aspects of digital manufacturing: electronics, robotics and processing. This summer, together with Valeria with whom he participated in RomeCup2016 – Excellence in Robotics in Rome, he will attend a summer school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Valeria Cagnina (15) anni, has always been interested in robotics, digital making and processing. She lives in Alessandria in Piedmont. Together with Leonardo, who is from Nocera Inferiore (Salerno), she built a robot and they presented it and entered it in the competitions at the 10th edition of RomeCup2016 – Excellence in Robotics in Rome (March 16-18, 2016).


Alessandro Marcon (19) is interested in just about everything from communications to new technology. He is excellent at Arduino programming and soldering. In his free time, he likes to film videos with his friends. He, too, is getting ready to take the final state exams.


Emanuele Alfano (19) is from Rome and is studying computer science. He knows various programming languages and is a two-time robotics world champion in Brazil and China.  


Emanuele Coletta (14) is the youngest ambassador. He is interested in electronics, coding and robotics. Next year, he will attend IIS Galileo Galilei in Rome to continue studying about automation and robotics.


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