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Good Local Practices

Local Lab di 2030 Youth Vision

Good Local Practices

Good Local Practices

2030 Youth Vision: local labs on SDGs in Rome

Yesterday, the work group of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) published a new position paper on Objective 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities entitled The Role, Promotion, and Payment of Ecosystem Services. One of the good local practices, the document also presents an innovative approach adopted by the Metropolitan City of Rome to account for ecosystem services, evaluating them not as a unicum, but on the basis of the interaction between natural, economic, and social capital. This evaluation indicates that the interaction amongst these three sectors generates a flow of benefits exceeding nine billion euro.

New work material is therefore available to the young people involved in the European 2030 Youth Vision Project, coordinated in Italy by Project Manager Annaleda Mazzucato.

Following the local lab which involved students at the Liceo Enzo Rossi in Rome, two workshops are scheduled today. The first, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, will be held at the Liceo Artistico Giulio Carlo Argan in Rome with Coach Letizia Lucchetti. Starting with a discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals, the students will work on the challenge of gender equality (objective 5). After a brainstorming and design thinking phase to collect ideas and develop a project idea, the students will collaborate on the development of an awareness-raising campaign against discrimination and gender violence to be spread on FMD social channels to promote a culture of equality. The chosen communication genre is comic strips.

The second lab (3:30 to 5.30 pm) will involve students at the Liceo Scientifico Vito Volterra  in Ciampino (Rome), who will visit the digital manufacturing lab at the Innovation Gym with Coach Irene Caretti  and work on Objective 11.

The other appointments for this week (through Feb. 28):

  • Wednesday, Feb. 21 - 15.30-17.30
  • Thursday, Feb. 22 - 15.30-17.30
  • Friday, Feb. 23 - 15.30-17.30

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