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A July of Learning in the City

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A July of Learning in the City

A July of Learning in the City

Technological Summer Days with Project TeCom and Lazio Innova

In collaboration with Lazio Innova, an in-house company of the Regione Lazio, we have developed Project TeCom. Technology & Communications to experiment new forms of communication and present the applications of scientific research. The project addresses high school students in the Lazio Region.

After the success of the kick-off event on May 3 at RomeCup 2022, here come the Technological Summer Days,  a free and innovative summer camp allowing students to experiment with collaborative work in five digital labs and respond to three challenges:

  1. Develop a videogame on life sciences to fight fake news
  2. Organise a cultural event on wearable technology, imagining a new way to enjoy fashion
  3. Develop a robotic prototype that employs 5G to help fragile users



Students will be introduced by five expert coaches to different technological environments. The three-hour sessions address both practice and theory.

  • July 4,  10 - 13 Gaming and Fake News
  • July 5,  10 - 13 Audiovisuals
  • July 6,  10 - 13 Sustainable Fashion
  • July 7,  10 - 13 Robotics and 5G
  • July 8,  10 - 13 Design Thinking and Development

Moreover, students will have the opportunity to visti the Lazio Innova “Active Space” on Via Casilina 3T.



The Technological Summer Days will be held, in presence, at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale Innovation Gym in Rome (Via del Quadraro 102, Subway Stop: Metro A, Lucio Sestio). 

Students who participate in at least four out of five meetings will receive a participation certificate. The course is propaedeutic to the development and prototyping phase that will be offered to schools, from September to December, as a 30-hour PCTO course.


eligible participants

The course is open to second-degree secondary school students in the Lazio Region



Go to the FMD Academy Platform, select SummerDays-TECOM and click on “Iscriviti”.

If you are already registered, use your credentials to access the system. If you are not registered, click on “Crea un account” to provide all the information necessary to create a new account. Remember to click on the link you receive via e-mail to confirm your registration for the course.



Fiammetta Castagnini (Project Coordinator), cell. 320 5317244. 






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