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TECOM – TECnologia & COMunicazione

TECOM – TECnologia & COMunicazione
Fondazione Mondo Digitale

TECOM – TECnologia & COMunicazione

TECOM – TECnologia & COMunicazione

TECOM – TEChnology & COMmunications. New forms of communication to present science and technology

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale, in collaboration with Lazio Innova, a Regione Lazio in-house company, is promoting Project “TECOM. Technology & Communications” to experiment new forms of communication to present scientific research applications. Involving the schools in Rome on various topics (Robotics, Life Sciences, etc.), the project brings together the Regione Lazio sectors of excellence, such as the audiovisual and life sciences hubs. The students will have to face three challenges: fighting fake news, imagining new ways to enjoy fashion, and develop robotic prototypes to assist fragile users.



With Lazio Innova, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale aims to leverage the strong points of the Region, involving students in Lazio in creative challenges for innovation.


Audiovisuals: Lazio is the region with the highest income from visits to museums, archaeological sites and cultural circuits. Rome is the national leader in the audiovisual sector with 30% of the enterprises and 50% of the personnel employed in this sector. In total, this adds up to 956 companies and 26,100 employees. Lazio receives 77% of the funding for cinematographic productions in Italy.

Bioscience or Life Sciences: in this sector, Lazio is the second region in terms of turnover (8 billion euro) and number of employees (18,000), but the first in terms of exports (€4.7 billion).

Robotics and 5G: Lazio is the first Region in terms of connectivity. It has a higher percentage of women employed in tech and knowledge-intensive sectors than the national and European average.

Fashion: Lazio is the first Italian Region to pass a bill promoting the entire fashion sector.

  • Raise the awareness of youth on the importance of correct information
  • Promote the acquisition, by the new generations, of tools and abilities to recognise and contrast fake news
  • Imagine new ways of enjoying fashion
  • Use 5G and robotics to assist fragile users. 
  • Training: on-line training sessions
  • Collaborative work: creation of nine student teams, three for each challenge.
  • The 3 Challenges: the students, with the help of experts from FMD and Lazio Innova, will face on of the following challenges:
    • Develop a videogame on life sciences to fight fake news
    • Organise a cultural event on wearable technology to imagine a new way of enjoying fashion
    • Develop a robotic prototype employing 5G to assist fragile users
  • Events

    The challenges will be launched at RomeCup2022 at a final event where the teams will present the prototypes developed and a digital fashion show will be organised (in collaboration with the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society).

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