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Learning with a Smile

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Learning with a Smile

Learning with a Smile

Grandparents on the Internet at the Rome Liceo Amaldi

“We brought wealth with us… learning with the smile of these students!”

Corcolleis one of the thirteen elderly centres in Rome’s Municipality VI, which are attended by over 5,400 citizens, a 12% increase over the previous year. Some of the elders of Corcolle were involved in the Grandparents on the Internet digital literacy programme which was held at a branch of the Liceo Edoardo Amaldi  as part of the Smart & Heart Rome programme.

Francesca Aghemo tells us about the success of the experience through three short interviews. Over the past week, she recorded the opinions of the Vice President of the centre, Vincenzo Mazzenga, of a senior student, Pasquale Pugliese, and of a young tutor, Francesca.

Let's listen to them!


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