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Microsoft Power Platform Certification

Certificazione Microsoft sulla Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform Certification

Microsoft Power Platform Certification

New digital professions: a course to improve your technical skills

What are the most sought-after professional resources by companies to face the digital transition? Young men and women are looking for their first job, but even adults that aim to requalify and find new employment, must know how to meet this demand.

Identifying the most requested new digital professions is the first step towards improving your technical skills and being more competitive.

For a long time, it was thought that artificial intelligence, big data, and cybersecurity would give rise to the “jobs of the future,” and this turned out to be right. However, we were caught unprepared.

As emphasised by Silvia Candiani, the manager heading Microsoft Italia, “we need 150,000 IT profiles, just in our country. And with our youth unemployment rate this is a true waste” (Login, Corriere della Sera). 


So, what are the most sought-after new digital professions on the job market? How can you improve your skills to apply for jobs and grasp the opportunities provided by digital transformation?

The first thing to say about these “new” professions is that they are not so new after all. Digital professionals have long been the object of interest by companies. However, the most sought-after profiles are Data Scientist, Chief Information Security Officer and IoT Software Engineer

Clearly, these are just the profiles most in demand at present. What one should really focus on are the skills that are indispensable to the ongoing transformation. So, these are the skills on which you should focus to be truly competitive on the job market: data management and analysis; infrastructure, data and information security for companies; creation and management of cloud environments, AI, robotics, IoT …


Acquiring new knowledge is easier if we have the right tools. Analysing data, creating apps without needing to code, simplifying (and automating) work processes, and creating ad hoc solutions for companies can all be easier than it seems. Above all, it can be free.


As part of Programme Ambizione Italia, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale provides free training courses to improve your technical and digital skills. The courses do not only cover theory. In fact, you will have the opportunity to learn how to use a very practical tool, an indispensable inclusive technology that can truly contribute to the culture of innovation: the Microsoft Power Platform.


On September 19 at 5 pm, we will hold the first appointment of the  Power Platform Course, a platform of the analysis of data and the structured planning of company processes. Power Apps, Power Automate, PowerBI and chatbots will be your strong point for the working world.

Using data of different origin, Power Apps will allow you to create an application; Power BI allows you to create interactive visualisations. Power Automate will take care of recurrent events, such as regular mailings to clients, while Virtual Agents will allow you to create interactive virtual assistants that are very useful for e-commerce.


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