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A Month Dedicated to Gender Equality

Fab Lab della Palestra dell'Innovazione

A Month Dedicated to Gender Equality

A Month Dedicated to Gender Equality

Courses on financial education, cybersecurity and scientific research

The Coding Girls  adds a course on cybersecurity, thanks to Programme Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity, promoted with Microsoft. Two online training sessions are planned for March 16 and April 4, both starting at 3.30 pm, with Coach Piergiorgio Ricci for 500 young women who will have the opportunity to learn about fundamental aspects related to the security of mobile apps, based on the Open Web Application Security Project. Meanwhile, on-site training also continues for Coding Girls in Turin.

Also scheduled for March is Io conto, a double appointment dedicated to financial education, an increasingly important skill for increasing female awareness on the management of personal finance. Participants will be able to participate in the challenge of the Global Money Week.

We would also like to recall the example of Serena Savoldi, Janssen's role model with a career in research, on March 7. Serena began with classical studies and then focused on scientific training, shifting to a profession projected towards a better future. Serena presented her case, as part of Project Factor J to students at IIS Gadda in Milan, who also met with the Fondazione Near  together with Coach Marta Nobile in a session with Lara Frassine, Elisa Tommassoli and Edoardo Hensemberger from Il Bullone .

A significant event that follows the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (Feb. 11).

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