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“Our School” Professors in Print

Laboratori di cittadinanza integrale e sostenibilità

“Our School” Professors in Print

“Our School” Professors in Print

“Integrated and Sustainable Digital Citizenship Labs” published

The volume entitled Integrated and Sustainable Digital Citizenship Labs. Proposals for Digital and Classic Courses for First-degree Secondary School has been published by Erickson.

The book includes eleven didactic courses developed by “Our School” Professors:

  • App for peer learning in science
  • Chatbot for independent sports training
  • Maps to aggregate geographic data
  • Virtual museums to closely inspect environmental resources
  • Websites and exercises for pluricultural education
  • Avatars to help develop dialogic abilities in foreign languages
  • Astrophysical simulations
  • 3D modelling to flip geometry
  • Interactivity for recognising fake news
  • Escape rooms for mathematical challenges and to learn about the history of human rights

Labs and activities designed to increase fairness and understanding through technology, trust, expression and participation. Essential equipment for a responsible life in the 21st century.

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