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Fab Lab della Palestra dell'Innovazione
Lucio Virzì



They make engineering-type products but are also involved in more traditional craft activities. The makers who attend the Innovation Gym fab lab are also specialising in training for different generations.

Some of the projects realised at the InnovationGym fab lab

  • Kit:Cut (team)
  • Arredi scolastici
  • Stampante 3D autocostruita (team)
  • Parete attrezzata (Francesco Murru e Mattia Bonavolontà)
  • Bamboo Bici Lab (Guglielmo Lisi)
  • MiniMo (Francesco Murru)
  • UnSolid MathOne (Mauro Del Santo)



Parete attrezzata di Francesco Murru e Mattia Bonavolontà
MiniMo di Francesco Murru
Bamboo Bici Lab di Guglielmo Lisi
UnSolid MathOne di Mauro Del Santo

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