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A Passion for Videogames!

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A Passion for Videogames!

A Passion for Videogames!

An interview with Gabriele, 16, who studies computer science in Aragona

Gabriele is sixteen and lives in Aragona, in the Province of Agrigento. He studies computer science and telecommunications at the Istituto Enrico Fermi. This year, his computer science professor recommended that he attend the course on Game Development organised by Ambizione Italia

Tell us about your love for computer science?

“My passion for computer science began when I was very young. I still remember the first day that I used a PC. I was looking for Donald Duck videos. And then, my curiosity expanded. I played videogames and wondered how they made them! And I grew more curious with every update in the graphics and game mechanics. When I play videogames, I still try to imagine what code was used to develop it.”

What do you say to those who think videogames are a waste of time?

Any exaggeration is not good. However, I believe that games have a great potential. They can help people grow. They can help develop our creativity and the way in which we perceive reality. At least, this is what happened to me. Thanks to videogames, I learned to use logic with a pinch of creativity to solve problems.

Would you like to develop a videogame of your own, one day?

I’m still not sure what I ‘d like to do: maybe be a mathematics or computer science professor or work in the private sector. I like the idea of developing videogames or web apps, although I feel closer to the world of game development. This is why I decided to participate in the course promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale with Ambizione Italia. Thanks to the courses, which are accessible on demand, I learned to programme using C# and Unity 3D.  The coach was fantastic. We practiced a lot and wrote a lot of code. I really think that even if I had not been that interested in videogames, I would have become so, after the course.

What do your parents think about this?

My parents are happy that I’m studying and fully support me. They think I’m going to become a genius! I don’t really think so – he grins – but I’m happy that they believe in me.

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