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Peer Sharing Tables

I tavoli tematici di Peer Sharing
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Peer Sharing Tables

Peer Sharing Tables

Development of shared tools for the educational community.

After mapping local educational subjects and the needs, the partnership of Peer Sharing, a project created with the contribution of the Fund Against Educational Poverty of Social Enterprise “Con I Bambini” is activating thematic working tables to facilitate the discussion and active participation of all interested local entities. The objective is to develop shared tools to establish and strengthen educational communities and pacts.

Today, June 12, at 4:00 pm, the former “sala consiglio” at Villa Lazzaroni will host the School and Community table on the coordination of initiatives by network partners and support for grassroots participation.

The table on “Participation and Youth Activism” will be held on June 18 (4:00 pm) at the Innovation Gym on Via del Quadraro. 

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