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Research, Culture and Divulgation

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Research, Culture and Divulgation

Research, Culture and Divulgation

The Fondazione Pro joins the educational alliance of Factor J

Only one out of every five young men has visited a urologist; 65% of them have never spoken about sexuality with their fathers; 8 out of 10 visit porn sites, and one out of four have unprotected sex. This data was presented during the pandemic by the Fondazione Pro as part of Project “The Sentimental Miseducation of Youth” thanks to a survey administered to 1000 Neapolitan young men aged 16-19. Now, the Fondazione Pro joins the educational alliance of Project Factor J, to further pursue an efficient synthesis of scientific research, prevention and divulgation.

On January 31, over 240 high school students in Lombardy, Sicily, Lazio, Liguria and Piedmont participated in a Factor J session with experts from the Fondazione Pro. The organisation (the acronym Pro derives from the initials of Prevention and Research Oncological) was created to promote prevention and scientific research in the oncological sector, and particularly concerning prostate tumours. In fact, the mission of Pro is to promote a culture of prevention in the male population and that of men of all ages, in every phase of life, from puberty to ageing.

The virtual classroom was assisted by communications expert Nicoletta Vulpetti. Speakers included urologist Luigi Napolitano and Barbara Vecchione from the Fondazione Pro legal office.

A frame from the webinar – January 31, 2023

Un frame del webinar del 31 gennaio 2023

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