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27 more years

27 anni in più

27 more years

27 more years

Research is life

27 is the number of extra years that, thanks to advances in medical science, a human being has "gained" compared to the life expectancy of just over a century ago-when the average was 55. Today, the duration and quality of life have improved concretely: to educate the youngest to continue to trust in new achievements in health, to actively participate in improving the world with their own behavior and to become ambassadors of positive messages, Fattore J was born, an educational path that has already involved 12,000 students last school year and is about to start with the second edition "in the hands of science," implemented by Fondazione Mondo Digitale in collaboration with Janssen Italia. The editorial staff of Fanpage, media partner of the second edition of Fattore J, the project created in collaboration with Janssen Italia, returns to talk about the project on the pages dedicated to science.

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