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The Right to Knowledge

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The Right to Knowledge

The Right to Knowledge

Presentation of the statistical survey on the five words that define social innovation work

It’s a new “Expedition of the One Thousand” to share the true meaning of the words on which to base an inclusive society, starting from the right to knowledge. Education is key to developing a conscientious citizenship. Knowledge cannot continue to be controlled by a minority. It cannot be considered a privilege. We work to develop a democratic knowledge society.

This is the idea behind the first 5x1000 campaign of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale ETS that was presented yesterday at the Woliba Business Park in Rome. The campaign created by Paolo Iabichino is now travelling on Rome’s buses and on various on-line channels. 

Between March and April 2024, Sigma Consulting interviewed a representative sample of 3000 Italian residents aged 15-80 about the five words that have described the work of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale for the last twenty years: Technology, Innovation, Future, Growth, and Knowledge. The value attributed to these words is tendentially positive. Innovation and Technology promote improvement and general progress. Growth is significant for personal development. Knowledge is based on studies and the critical use of information. And the Future raises expectations as well as – for some – doubts and uncertainty. In general, the younger are more cautious and more positive about the concept of innovation. When the answers veer towards the negative, terms such as power, error, problem, uncertainty, fear, and ignorance are used.

The data was analysed by Silvia Salini, Professor of Statistics at the University of Milan, in collaboration with Marta Campagnoli.

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