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Spectacular Didactics

Mauro Crepaldi

Spectacular Didactics

Spectacular Didactics

“Our School” Professors: the open contributions by Mauro Crepaldi

In the ninth appointment of the column dedicated to the community of “Our School” Professors, we share an interview with Mauro Crepaldi, a primary school teacher who has a  long and prolific collaboration with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. He has written various books that have been published by Erickson and Fabbri Scuola. Firmly convinced that the school must anticipate and not follow, the teacher teaches astronomy and astronautics and managed to have a planetarium built at the school where he also is the digital coordinator.

Together with colleagues Barbara Avella, Angela Fumasoni, Giorgia Moschini and Lara Rollo he worked on the first teaching unit of the volume of Integrated Digital Citizenship and Sustainability in Primary School (Erickson, 2023), entitled “Brr…Che caldo!” that asks students to confront, through fantastic storytelling, one of the most important challenges of our time: global warming.



Can you summarize the activity you personally followed and talked about in the book?

Fundamentally, my role was to coordinate the many spectacular contributions (augmented reality, scientific experiments, coding, self-evaluation...) of the working group composed by colleagues Lara RolloAngela Fumasoni, Barbara Avella e Giorgia Moschini, four of the most competent and generous teachers on the national teaching scene. My contribution will be published on-line and can be reached by clicking on the links at the end of each chapter (materials section) and which will be updated periodically. We thought it would be a good way to keep the value of the publication high and valid over the course of time.


What was the added value of this initiative for students? Were there any additional activities or particular needs that emerged during the project?

Obviously, we tried to replicate the work of our colleagues in our respective classes. I took advantage of this to experiment with a new activity to convey direct and necessary information on some of the effects of global warming – the use of blind quizzes – avoiding the otherwise useful frontal lesson. We haven't had the opportunity to include it in this article but it was an additional activity that I'm really thinking of exploring in further depth and share with our readers.

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