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Strolling through the Artist’s Painting

Still Life di Chiara Passa

Strolling through the Artist’s Painting

Strolling through the Artist’s Painting

The “Still Life” work by Chiara Passa at VideoCittà

Yesterday, the Rome “Gazometro” inaugurated the fourth edition of Videocittà, the Festival of Vision and Digital Culture conceived by Francesco Rutelli, and with the creative direction of Francesco Dobrovich. The festival will dedicate four days to videoart, music, installations and short virtual reality movies to explore the most advanced forms of audiovisual content and digital languages in both the national and international context.

With Onelia Onorati, we entered the Agorà Expo section, one of this edition’s novelties, to explore the "Still Life" work, a virtual reality artwork by artist Chiara Passa, curated by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale in collaboration with Meta. Photos by intern Francesco Di Pasquale.

“When we wear the Meta visors, we immerge ourselves into a three-dimensional still life, an interactive artwork that the user can recompose and traverse in many different ways, interacting with objects. It’s a totally surreal journey …” explains Chiara Passa.  

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