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Third Place for Agrobot at Tecnicamente

Il team di Agrobot a Tecnicamente

Third Place for Agrobot at Tecnicamente

Third Place for Agrobot at Tecnicamente

The project was developed by students in Scampia for the RomeCu

"We are returning from Milan with smiles on our faces after having participated in the finals of Adecco’s national ‘Tecnicamente’ Competition and having placed third." The message, received as usual via WhatsApp, arrived yesterday, just before 6 pm, on the smartphone of Francesca Del Duca, who has been passionately following the results of all the schools that participate in the annual RomeCup competition.

The message was written on the train crossing Italy by Carmine Nasti, Professor of Electronics and Coordinator of the Electronic Systems Lab at the Istituto Tecnico Galileo Ferraris in the Scampia neighbourhood in Naples. His fifth-year students designed and developed the project to reduce the environmental impact of chemical treatments on vineyards.

The goal of Tecnicamente, an initiative promoted by Adecco, is to match students from professional institutes with enterprises. "The competition attracted 60 high schools from all over Italy," added Carmine Nasti with satisfaction, proud of his students’ excellent ranking.

The students’ idea was developed at the creative contest at the RomeCup, calling upon participants to find robotic solutions in a range of fields, including agriculture.