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Virtual Job Fair Kicks Off

Microsoft Learn Career Connected

Virtual Job Fair Kicks Off

Virtual Job Fair Kicks Off

Microsoft Learn Career Connected: May 20-23

The Microsoft Learn Career Connected virtual fair, a precious opportunity for individuals in search of work or better employment, begins today, May 20. During the morning, there will be two training sessions organised by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale [see agenda].

9.30 | Evolution of Cyberthreats and the Human Factor with Luca Faramondi, Professor, Department of Engineering, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Cyberthreats evolve rapidly, often more quickly than countermeasures and interest all types of devices. At centre of the problem is the “human factor,” a fundamental aspect that characterises most threats and attacks. Reports on cyberattacks reveal that, in business contexts, cybercriminals focus on employees, using them as a point of entry to the IT systems. Indeed, they have been identified as the main vulnerability of technologically secure systems. At the same time, state-of-the-art systems that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are not exempt from attacks. One such case concerns adversarial machine learning. The presentation will analyse how the human factor has historically represented the greatest vulnerability for a systems ranging from classical IT to critical infrastructure, and then analyse the new threats represented by adversarial machine learning.

10.30 | The Impact of Generative AI on the World of Arts and Entertainment 
with Edoardo Lorenzo Mancini, Fondazione Mondo Digitale Coach

How is Generative AI revolutionising the arts and entertainment sectors with new opportunities and professional challenges? This short session will explore the use of solutions based on Copilot and Microsoft Designer to simplify the development of creative products and how visual designers can position themselves on an evolving market, amongst other emerging professional  figures and opportunities, along with a careful look at new measures to safeguard artists. 

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