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Vivi Internet, al meglio even as an Adult

Vivi Internet, al meglio anche da grande

Vivi Internet, al meglio even as an Adult

Vivi Internet, al meglio even as an Adult

Umberto, Gio, and Luciana, all over-65s, describe their on-line training experience

Project Fully Enjoy the Internet, conceived by Google and promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale in collaboration with the State PoliceAltroconsumo, and Anteas, helps children, adolescents, teaches, parents, and over-60s to enjoy the web and technology responsibly, learning about digital citizenship and on-line security.

The web is an extraordinary place to access information, develop knowledge, and connect with people from all over the world. Digital tools, however, need to be used with responsibility and awareness. The opportunities provided by the web unfold in all their power only if accompanied by a digital awareness that allows us to distinguish reliable information from fake news, to protect our on-line identities by protecting our personal data, to cultivate our digital well-being by browsing responsibly and, finally, to build positive and constructive relationships through on-line communication based on respect and kindness.

This edition of the programme embraced a heterogeneous audience, united by the desire to learn and grow. The stories of Umberto, Gio, and Luciana, three of the participants who followed the on-line training sessions, provide us with insight into the different experiences lived in different areas (Rome, Palermo, and Turin). Umberto also had the opportunity to participate in an intergenerational workshop. Domenica Cesena, a digital civil service operator, reports on their experiences.

My name is Umberto. I’m 74 and a grandfather to two children, aged 8 and 15. I have always been interested in intergenerational communication. The experience I had with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale proved to be engaging to say the least. A path full of food for thought that allowed me to deepen my knowledge of digital matters and open myself up to new perspectives. I learned new tricks that have allowed me to use technology more effectively. During the intergenerational workshop, I had the opportunity to speak with young people and exchange ideas with other grandparents. It was a moment of growth both for me and the kids. I recommend that all grandparents participate in these initiatives. It's an opportunity to learn new things, keep up with the times, and strengthen one’s relationship with their grandchildren.

My name is Gio. I’m 82 and live in Palermo. Before attending this course, my digital knowledge was very limited. I only used the phone to make calls and send messages. But thanks to "Fully Enjoy the Internet," I have learned to do much more. The course expanded my knowledge in various areas, teaching me to make the most of the potential of the Internet to find information on any topic and to confidently use the most popular apps, such as WhatsApp. The only thing I would improve is course attendance. It would be nice if it were organized more often, so as to allow more people to participate. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience and highly recommend it to all seniors who want to learn to use the Internet safely and consciously. After the training course, my relationship with my grandchildren and family has been enriched and strengthened. Now, I can communicate with them more easily and frequently. “Experiencing the Internet to the fullest has allowed me to feel closer to the people I love."

My name is Luciana. I’m 63 and live in Turin. I am happy to tell you about my experience with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. Before taking the course, my computer skills were limited, and I found web browsing difficult. Thanks to the " Fully Enjoy the Internet," I have extended my digital skills. In particular, I learned to use new applications and became more familiar with managing my digital identity and social networks. This knowledge has allowed me to improve my daily life. I am now able to communicate with friends and family who live far away using instant messaging apps. One aspect of the course that I found particularly useful was the opportunity to learn in a safe and comfortable environment. The only thing I would improve about the course is to provide more specific and in-depth courses on different topics. Overall, I am very satisfied with the experience I had with the "Fully Enjoy the Internet."

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