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The Words of Social Innovators

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The Words of Social Innovators

The Words of Social Innovators

Presentation of the statistical survey and the “5x1000” campaign.

How much does our education or social condition affect the meaning we give to the word future? Does technology have a positive value for everyone, independently from our age? What do innovation and growth have in common? Do we ever describe our personal experiences in terms of knowledge?

Tullio De Mauro’s choice of words was part of his civil commitment as he believed that language and culture are cornerstones of democracy. And our work as social innovators is based on words that become good practices. We have identified the five terms we use most often, that we feel are ours, part of what we have become in our over twenty years of history: Technology, Innovation, Future, Growth, and Knowledge. They are words we take care of daily, to increase their value with facts, transforming the lives of individuals. But is the meaning of these five words truly shared by everyone? Can we use this basic “word-value” vocabulary to build a democratic inclusive society?

These questions were posed to Italians through a national survey conducted by Statistics Professor Silvia Salini at the University of Milan, in collaboration with Marta Campagnoli

The value of words also kicks off our “5x1000” campaign developed by Paolo Iabichino, copywriter and creative director, because all we need is five words to change the world. 

On Monday, May 6, at 18:00, at the innovative Woliba facility, we will present the survey and our first “5x1000” campaign. 

It’s a new “Expedition of the One Thousand,” a contemporary attempt to unite the country, to share the most authenti meaning of the words on which to found an inclusive society, starting from the right to education.

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