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Over-65s: Manual, Digital and Functional Literacy for Active Ageing

After the success of the Interconnessioni Format, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale returns to Umbria with Project "Do It Ourselves - Manual, Digital and Functional Literacy for Active Ageing," winner of the Regional Call for projects to promote active ageing ("Per la realizzazione di progetti rivolti alla promozione, valorizzazione dell’invecchiamento attivo e per la prevenzione ed il benessere delle persone anziane. Annualità 2017- 2019").

The “Do It Ourselves” Model is based on intergenerational learning and exchanges through an alliance with schools as strategic hubs for intergenerational learning. This is the model that preceded the H2H – Human to Human – Model that successfully promotes the development of rapid and complex transformation in communities. Moreover, the project also reinforces our alliance with the Perugia ABA FabLab, a well-known and innovative local structure created through the synergy between private and institutional organisations.

Thanks to the Life Education Model, which moulds knowledge, competences, character aspects and fundamental values, “Do It Ourselves” provides an answer to the crucial challenge of personalizing learning, which is strategic for over-65s, as well as young men and women with special needs or at risk of deviation. The main context of activity is “Social Zone 2” with Perugia as a lead partner. The objective is to create a model that can be replicated in other regional contexts.

Direct Targets

  • 120 citizens aged over-65 in the Province of Perugia
  • 40 students

Indirect Targets

  • 500 citizens


At IIS Giordano Bruno in Perugia

  • 2 Digital Literacy courses based on the “Grandparents on the Internet” Model with a focus on health and services
  • 1 Health Hackathon (open to all citizens)
  • 1 Jam Session with Lego Serious Play on social services

At the ABA Fab Lab

  • 1 Lab on Domestic Safety and Small Repairs
  • 1 Lab on Fashion Making for women: gadgets, cheap jewellery, gifts, etc.
  • 1 Mini-Workshop for Digital Manufacturing and Design on aides (walking sticks, chairs, walkers, etc.) in collaboration with local associations.

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