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Scuola di Internet per tutti

Scuola di Internet per tutti

Operation Digital Risorgimento is a national programme organised by TIM and supported by institutions, companies and civil society, to drive the digitalisation of the country and help citizens to quickly acquire strategic digital competences. Thanks to a vast catalogue of free courses, including advanced ones, the programme presents itself as a school for everyone, from individuals to enterprises and the public administration.



The “School of Internet for Everyone” organised by “Operation Digital Risorgimento” is an educational programme dedicated to citizens. Between 2020 and 2021, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, an initiative partner, has been promoting and organising free on-line courses to raise greater awareness on the opportunities provided by digital transformation and simplify the lives of people through the daily use of new technology. Live in a digital society as a protagonist!

The school is open to citizens of all ages, residing in any region. You do not require any specific competences to participate, just a basic knowledge of devices (medium to low entrance level) and the desire to learn more about new tools and applications to live and work in the 21st century. And to continue to learn.


Interested citizens can take advantage of two options:

  • Improving Life through Digital Tools – download the apps that can simplify your daily life, learn to use on-line payment systems and the digital services of the public administration and health system.
  • Digital Collaboration: discover the advantages of cloud services for managing and archiving your documents; navigate and find information on-line safely and learn to use digital tools to collaborate remotely, as well as social networks to communicate and share.

Citizens can choose to participate in either one or both of the courses, but we recommend you select the second course only if you are familiar with the Internet and can create your own Chrome profile, besides understanding cloud services and security issues. Otherwise, we recommend you follow the first course.

For the best experience, we recommend you follow the webinars from a PC and use a smartphone or tablet for the practice exercises.


Each course lasts one month and is based on four one-hour webinars. Participants will join a virtual community organized by TIM coaches where, besides distance learning, they will also be able to enjoy e-learning content, advanced concepts explained in PDFs, practical exercises, videos and mini-games to test the newly acquired competences. Participants will receive an open badge certificate, as long as they have attended no less than 75% of on-line lessons.

At the end of each course, participants can choose to participate in a national game to continue testing and practicing their new competences. Your final result will contribute to a regional ranking.

Course 1 - Improving Life through Digital Tools

The course is based on four modules:

  • Digital Tools at Your Fingertips: optimise and custom tailor the configuration of your device.
  • Safe Digital Payments: home banking, e-commerce and on-line shopping.
  • Digital Citizenship: SPID, AppIO, App Poste, On-line Health Records.
  • Health and Wellbeing On-line: health, wellbeing and free-time apps.



The course is based on four modules:

  • Digital Advantages: finding information and sharing on-line. Using search engines and exploiting cloud storage and computing.
  • Digital Security: understanding and protecting oneself from cybersecurity, cyber-attacks and phishing. Good practices and security on social media.
  • Digital Protagonists: the advantage of distance collaboration. Discover what you can do by collaborating on-line. Platforms and applications for organising meetings, sharing files and presentations, group use.
  • We Are Social:  instant messaging, blogs and on-line communication platforms. How to share easily and promote initiatives.



The “School of Internet for Everyone” is free. Register at

As individuals, all you have to do is complete the registration module, take the entrance test and sign up for the next course beginning in your city.

Public and private organisations that wish to enrol their employees in courses should write to

To receive updates, sign up with the School of Internet for Everyone Group on Facebook!


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