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Innovation Gym

Innovation Gym

Phyrtual is a physical-virtual environment for innovation and lifelong learning

Phyrtual is a gym for experiential learning and the practice of innovation through all of its possible expressions: civic, social and technological innovation. It’s an open space powered by youth for citizens and organisations, schools, enterprise and universities. It’s a meeting place for new and old professions and trades focusing on traditional and digital creation, experimentation and creativity to stimulate professional growth, self-enterprise and 21st century skills. The Innovation Gym (Via del Quadraro 102) provides the following facilities:

  • Fablab: this area is dedicated to both digital and traditional manufacturing and is animated by makers, the new craftsmen. It is open to all citizens, organisations and schools. The first Roman FabLab has been modelled on MIT’s Centre for Bits and Atoms. Tools include: 3D Sharebot printer, 3D PowerWASP printer, laser cutter, plotter, cutter, pantograph, lapper, lathe, vertical drill and soldering iron. The Fablab also organizes workshops and laboratories for schools as well as professional courses.
  • Robotics Centre: the centre is dedicated to developing new didactic methodologies to teach young students about scientific and technological subjects and professions. Tools include: Bee Robots Didactic Kits, We Do Lego, NXT Mindstorm, EV3 – renewable energy kits, soldering irons, Arduino, electronic components. It organises robotics laboratories and competitions for all school levels.
  • Ideation Room: a didactic area to improve creativity, 360-degree innovation and enterprise through the practice of self-awareness, problem-solving, decision-making, business modelling, drawing and coding.

    Tools include: Lego Serious Play, Interactive Multimedia Board with WII Remote, Root Cause Analysis Tools, Business Model Canvas, didactic micro-modules, software and apps design challenges.
  • Activity Space: this edutainment space is dedicated to leadership, team building and motivation through physical and mental exercises and games to learn and practice 21st century skills. Tools include: ZoomeTool, Toobeez, balls, ropes, etc.
The Innovation Gym is completed by three further common areas: 
conference room - workshop room -
Thanks to, the first social innovation environment based on knowledge, learning and community building, the Innovation Gym Project is connected to the rest of the world and will be able to self-finance itself through crowdfunding.


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