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PCTO Sustainability Challenge

master in droni Tor Vergata

PCTO Sustainability Challenge

PCTO Sustainability Challenge

At the Liceo Amaldi in Rome, students test digital tools to evaluate the quality of air and water

How can we keep forest fires under control? Would a drone equipped with sensors provide efficient surveillance? Federico, a student at the Liceo Edoardo Amaldi in Rome, describes how a PCTO can be transformed into a creative lab addressing the challenge of sustainability. The students, supervised by researchers from the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, are testing ideas through simple simulations: can sensors identify fire? Can they register unusual changes in humidity and temperature? And is the recorded data useful?

Christian’s workgroup is using sensors on a boat to understand how to collect data on the state of our seas and allow for quicker and more efficient action by the coast guard in case of adverse events.

The activities are coordinated by Mathematics and Physics Professor Assunta Chiummariello, who explains the value of the project in the video, and how it can be integrated into the school curriculum. The students have the opportunity to experientially learn about the value of the scientific method and understand the interdependence between knowledge and skills.

Federico Oliva, a PhD student in Automation Engineering at the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, efficiently explains what we mean by knowledge transferral, one of the actions that characterise the third mission of universities. The challenge in which the Tor Vergata University researchers are participating is ampler. They want to spark the interest of students in scientific research, involving them personally in issues such as sustainability. An active and experiential orientation to  develop professional profiles that can address the urgent needs of the day and improve everyone’s quality of life.



Federico and Christian are two of the students attending the PCTO on Environmental Sustainability based on the first indoor drone flight field, developed at the school with Programme Smart & Heart Rome, funded by the City of Rome Department of Digital Transformation.