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Training for a More Inclusive Economy

Job Digital Lab 3

Training for a More Inclusive Economy

Training for a More Inclusive Economy

Mind The (Digital) Gap. Presentation of the 3rd edition of Job Digital Lab, today

Skilling, re-skilling, skill mismatch, lifelong learning, she session, great resignation, and quiet quitting … who hasn’t heard at least one of these terms over the past months? While they are frequently used by analysts, they are less comprehensible to a greater audience. However, there is one word that summarizes all of them to interpret a phenomenon that is interesting our working world: training.

The appearance of the coronavirus has led us to refocus on ourselves and our wellbeing, seeking new freedoms and new professional careers, which often also require new skills – but not only. What has also clearly emerged is the role of technology in our lives and the enormous opportunities that it gives us to connect, act systemically, overcome boundaries, open new doors, and optimize our time. And this comes with the need for updating and training to keep abreast of our times and promote a more inclusive economy. It is a unique moment in human history according to Paolo Iacci, work psychologist and National President of the Association for the Management of Personnel. On the one hand, on account of globalization, the world has never been so small; on the other, the digital revolution has interconnected everyone and allowed us to share our knowledge.

In this new world, in which individuals advance demands and the boundaries in which to accomplish them are vast, what is the role of training? What opportunities does it offer?

Today –  October 5, from 10.30 to 12.00 – at Rome Binario F (Via Marsala 29 H), professionals and observers of societal transformation will discuss this in “Mind the (Digital) Gap,” an event organised for the third edition of the Job Digital Lab – Training to Get Back in Action, the educational programme developed by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and ING Italia to develop and reinforce digital skills.

The event will be moderated by Fortune Italia  Journalist Maria Pia Ebreo. Speakers include:

  • Laura Castellani - Director General of the Fondazione ITS SI (Istituto Tecnico Superiore Servizi alle Imprese).
  • Paolo Iabichino – advertising copy writer and founder of the Civic Brands Observatory with Ipsos Italia
  • Paolo Iacci – work psychologist and university professor
  • Silvia Colombo - Head of External Communication & CSR, ING Italia
  • Mirta Michilli – Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale


The first search engine was developed in 1995. In less than 30 years, the world has changed radically. An acceleration that requires us to update our skills as they are not only an element for social promotion, but also a fundamental tool through which to improve our lives and conditions. We can no longer conceive our lives as split in two: study followed by work.

In the near future, and in some cases already today, this will no longer be possible. We must conceive of a continuum, in which skills need to be continuously updated. This means that training must be developed to satisfy these new needs, starting from the most modern ways to exchange content, such as micro-learning, to digital formats that can be enjoyed anywhere. Training must be provided to everyone without access limitations on any smartphone so that widespread skills will generate inclusion and a new approach to happiness. Indeed, this must not be understood as notwithstanding work or after work but implicit in the profession as a means of self-expression.

“The objective of ING is to create a more inclusive economy – at a global level – for 3 million people by 2025," explains Silvia Colombo, Head of External Communication & CSR, ING Italia. "And to accomplish this, we want to develop and reinforce digital skills. Indeed, Italy ranks below the European average and these skills are essential for a better placement in the working world. Job Digital Lab is ING Italia’s solution to this vital need. It is an educational project that has reached its 3rd edition and provides tools and knowledge to improve peoples’ lives, in line with the “doyourthing” promise of our brand, and to develop the ability to keep abreast of the rapidly ongoing transformation.”

"For the third consecutive year," explains Mirta Michilli, Director General of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, "the Fondazione Mondo Digitale is providing its know-how to the Job Digital Lab Programme. Over the course of the first two years, we have trained over 11,000 individuals. This year we want to extend our action even further and reach as many people as possible with an education that will provide them with a future thanks to live events with experts, short videos for independent learning, and local custom-tailored events; moreover, there will also be role modelling events with ING experts and a Start-up Lab, an incubator for women in enterprise. A large team will be available throughout the year to help anyone acquire not only digital skills, but also soft and functional skills. More education means greater freedom and opportunity for inclusion."


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