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European Delegation to Unical


European Delegation to Unical

European Delegation to Unical

The University of Calabria and the Coding Girls Programme

In synergy with the Coding Girls Programme, today and tomorrow, the University of Calabria at Rende, will receive the visit of an international delegation composed of representatives from the University of Utrecht and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Italy. The visit has been organised by university professors Giovanna Vingelli and Paola Sdao.

Delegation Members

  • Marjolein Gelauff,  University of Utrecht
  • Iris Beerepoot, University of Utrecht
  • Cecile Hermse, Cultural Affairs Officer, Embassy of the Netherlands in Italy



Monday, November 7

Meeting with the Deputy Rector for International Relations in Europe

11.00 | "Equal Opportunity Desk" Visit (exchange of good practices)

13.00 | Lunch

15.00 | Visit to the University Liaison Office and spin-off

17.00 | Visit to the Molecular Physics Lab


Tuesday, November 8

9-11 | Visit to the Istituto comprensivo "Zumbini" on Via Milelli

11.30 - 12.30 | Visit to the Cognitive Psychology and Modelling Lab

13.00 | Lunch

14.30-15.30 | Meeting at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science: "Artificial Intelligence Applications in Everyday Life"

15.40-16.30 | Meeting with Computer Science students: "SafeUnical App"

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