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Milano Digital Week

Milano Digital Week

Milano Digital Week

Milano Digital Week

Fondazione Mondo Digitale Activities

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale is at the Milan Digital Week 2022, the European event dedicated to education, promoted by the City of Milan  and organised by IAB ItaliaCariplo Factory and Hublab, with labs on artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, Industry 4.0 and immersive experiences on the jobs of the future. The fifth edition will focus on “Developing Limits: Projects and Visions for a Shared Planet and City.” The Challenge?

Outlining the model of an inclusive, digital  and ecological person-centric society.

Promoting innovation culture for a new knowledge economy for over twenty years, FMD view digital technology as an accelerator for growth, wellbeing, productivity and competitiveness.

The Milan Digital Week is an opportunity to confirm the commitment that the processes of the digital transition will leave no one behind, promoting social inclusion, sustainable innovation, the exchange of knowledge and good practices. The Fondazione Mondo Digitale works with large companies and local organisations to promote computer security, digital wellbeing, coding and equal opportunities, enterprise, sustainability, circular economy and energy transition, new frontiers of the Internet and the Metaverse.

On November 11, 12 and 14, students will have the opportunity to participate in free labs and discover, guided by coaches and the FMD, the opportunities provided by digital tools, as well as think together with experts and role models on how to develop polycentric, connected, accessible and inclusive cities.


Friday, November 11 (10.00-11.30)

Microsoft House, Openhub, Viale Pasubio 21, Milan

second-degree secondary school students

Cybersecurity is a sector in full expansion and many professions are connected to the security challenge. FMD, in collaboration with Microsoft Italia, is providing students with a meeting to reinforce and increase their understanding of the digital skills necessary for jobs in this field.


  • Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Chiara Mizzi, Director External Relations and Philanthropies, Microsoft Italia
  • Manuel Serra, Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance Masters student, and Fondazione Mondo Digitale Coach
Who Manages Health and Wellbeing in Cyberspace?

Friday, November 11, 11.00-12.30

Google Italia, Via Federico Confalonieri 4, Milan

Target: Second-degree secondary school students, teachers

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that takes place on the Internet as offences, threats and harassment. It is a phenomenon on the rise amongst adolescents and pre-adolescents who are most easily exposed to an inappropriate use of the Internet and its tools. FMD and Google Italia, in collaboration with the Italian Postal Police, have organised an interactive educational session to raise awareness on this issue for students and their teachers. Indeed, with an understanding of the potential threats of the Internet, they latter play a central role in preventing and safeguarding students from the dangers of digital tools.



Let's Take a Chance with Digital Tools!

Saturday, November 12, 9.30-12.30

IRCCS Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi, via Capecelatro 66, Milan

Targets: primary school students, parents, teachers, caregivers

Bending the power of technology to serve human frailty is a fundamental action to make our society more inclusive and sustainable. Digital tools are in constant evolution and play a fundamental role, opening new unexplored spaces. Allowing fragile children – including those with special educational needs – to move in these spaces, exploiting opportunities, with an awareness of potential risks and attention to on-line security and digital wellbeing, is a possible mission. FMD and the Fondazione don Gnocchi present these new opportunities in a virtual reality lab – CareLab – and through the interactive “Interland” game to allow everyone, students, and educators alike, to try this new experience midway between science and humanity.




Monday, November 14, 17.00-18.30

Hub ING, Viale Fulvio Testi 250, Milan

Target: citizens and entrepreneurs

When we speak about digital transformation, we often concentrate our attention of technological processes; however, it’s people who drive change. So, people need to have the right digital mindset: the ability and intelligence to grasp the opportunities provided by digital tools. During the event at ING, participants will learn about the best tools for the right digital mindset. These include awareness and importance of a dynamic mindset; understanding of the concept of innovation; digital mindset and necessary skills, both individual and team-based, to face and experience change.


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