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Beta-testing Citizens

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Beta-testing Citizens

Beta-testing Citizens

Trust Aware: 400 people are involved in the test phase

The European TRUST aWARE community is receiving the new issue of the newsletter that reports on the first in-presence meeting of the partnership, following the restrictive measures put in place for the pandemic, [see also news: With the Trust aWare Consortium in Madrid].  The two-day meeting (Oct. 4-5) concentrated on the evolution of the project and upcoming action that will need to be implemented in the pilot phase. This phase will interest 400 individuals in SpainRomaniaItaly, and France. The development of educational activities is coordinated by Fundación Cibervoluntarios. 

The citizens involved in training session from December 2022 to February 2023 will participate in a co-creation process and design digital solutions to protect users from IT threats to security and privacy. Participants will use the new tool created by TRUST aWARE (that has not been tested by anyone before) to promote a safer and more reliable Internet.

Co-creation provides citizens and organisations with solutions to improve the evaluation and control of the risk associated with the use of software and on-line services. The initiative aims to make citizens more responsible so that they are better informed and trained, and better evaluate risk and trust in computer programmes. During the training courses, participants will improve their digital skills on:

  • Identification of unsecure programmes
  • Analyse programmes for privacy risks
  • Analysis and advice on privacy policy
  • Internet safety: identification of inappropriate and unsafe websites
  • Analysis and advice on announcements
  • Checking downloaded content
  • Dynamic identification of attacks
  • Identification and Tracing
  • General advice 

TRUST aWARE tools and solutions will provide efficient mechanisms to protect the liberty, security and privacy of citizens on all platforms, increasing the trust of users in software, IT security and the positioning of the EU digital market.


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