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Users are often exposed to security and privacy (S&P) threats when they use digital services to communicate, bank and participate in educational activities. This exposition to threats and vulnerabilities is related to many factors, including inadequate software, bad user habits and the lack of regulations and certification methods.

The definition of efficient digital policy with a long-term outlook requires data, information and knowledge about privacy, data protection and the relative ethical, legal and socio-economic aspects.

European Project TRUST aWARE aims to address issues related to security by providing tools that can be used by a various types of users (including minors and elders) that will ensure efficient mechanisms to protect the freedom, security and privacy of citizens, thereby also increasing their trust in safe software.

Project TRUST aWARE - Enhancing Digital Security, Privacy and TRUST in softWARE will operate for a three-year period (June 1, 2021- May 31, 2024). It is funded by the European Commission’s Fund for Citizens’ Security (Horizon 2020). The project involves 12 partners in seven countries (Italy, Spain, Romania, France, Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland), and is coordinated by a Spanish organisation, Tree Technology Sa.

In greater detail, the project will provide:

  • Easy-to-use tools to protect consumers from IT threats (attacks, abuse, inappropriate behaviour on digital services) and allow them to understand, control, identify and properly answer threats rapidly and configure their protection settings.
  • Collective and collaborative intelligence (Authority with citizens) to guarantee and verify that digital products and their operation are transparent, safe and conform to regulations. Knowledge to support developers and operators with certification standards and methods for conformity to security and privacy regulations.

The actions fielded by the TRUST aWARE partnership will reduce the impact of IT threats, make users for responsible, promote collective awareness and encourage reliable digital products that preserve S&P in conformity with current regulations.



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