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Bridging the Gender Gap

Fortune Brainstorm Innovation Italia

Bridging the Gender Gap

Bridging the Gender Gap

Mirta Michilli at Fortune Brainstorm Innovation Italia

The Fortune Brainstorm Innovation Italia, organised by Fortune Italia in collaboration with the LUISS “Franco Fontana”  Strategic Change Research Centre, will take place on June 24-25. The event provides an annual venue for decision makers and protagonists of change to tackle the most urgent social and environmental issues. How can companies exploit the potential recently made in the field of AI and robotics to create value for the community in which they operate? What can businesses do to remain competitive as digitalisation advances ever more rapidly? How can we protect the vast amount of strategic data that is generated day after day? What is a coherent approach to change, engagement, and personal and organisational development? What is the role of public administrations?

In particular, the Fortune Most Powerful Women (MPW), a “community of highly influential women is called to face an even more significant challenge: correcting bias and prejudice in the ICT sector to make the future truly inclusive for the new generations.”

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 25, FMD Director General Mirta Michilli will participate in the Fortune Most Powerful Women (MPW) session dedicated to the challenge of bridging the gender gap (10:45).

10.45  MPW – Bridging the Gender Gap

  • Carlota Alvarez Pedreira, CEO and Country Manager, Oracle Italia 
  • Pierpaola D’Alessandro, Deputy Director General, Comune di Roma 
  • Maria Isabella Leone, Associate Professor, Economics and Business Administration, LUISS 
  • Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale 
  • Raffaella Pignetti, President, ASI Caserta 

Moderator: Margherita Lopes, Fortune Italia

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