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Creativity in Teaching

Le proposte di CS First per i docenti della primaria e secondaria di primo grado
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Creativity in Teaching

Creativity in Teaching

CS First proposals for primary and lower secondary school

From interactive journeys through ancient civilisations to missions into the solar system … the upcoming webinars organised by Programme CS First, promoted with Google, provide interactive courses to teach subjects in a fun and exciting manner. 

Here is the calendar of the upcoming appointments dedicated to primary and lower secondary school teachers.

April 19, 2024,  16.30-18.00
Artificial Intelligence and CS First
Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the world and CS First offers an exciting starting point for learning about computer science. Let's explore how to integrate AI into the CS First platform, creating interactive learning experiences for children and teens.
Coach: Filomena Pizzulli

May 10, 2024, 16.30-18.00
Strolling Amidst Ancient Civilisations!
Ready to board a time machine? Let’s meet ancient civilisations and find out about their traditions and magnificent constructions. 
Coach: Roberto Raspa

May 16, 2024, 16.30-18.00
The Solar System in Scale
When we speak about the Solar System we are referring to the eight planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), their moons, asteroids and all the other celestial bodies that fall within the Sun’s zone of gravitational influence, but how big is the solar system? What are the true sizes of the planets? The Computer Science First Platform allows us to create a scale model and understand the relative dimensions and distances amongst the various planets. An activity that can be conducted immediately in the classroom to excite all students about the science of the sky. 
Coach: Federico Di Giacomo

May 21, 2024,  16.30-18.30
CS First: Uniting Mathematics, Science, and Computers
In the webinar, we present CS First, a free programme developed by Google to teach computer science to children and teenagers. We’ll see how the platform can be used to integrate mathematics and science with computer science, creating an interdisciplinary and engaging learning experience.
Coach: Filomena Pizzulli

June 5, 2024, 16.30-18.00
Narration Club 
Use IT to communicate fun and interactive stories, encouraging club members to create new stories every day. CS First encourages the creation of stories and allows you to manage numerous multimedia files: sounds, music, images.
Coach: Lara Fina Ferrari

June 20, 2024,  16.30-18.00
English Grammar & Scratch
Use IT to consolidate grammatical content with short stories. The webinar is based on fun and games. We will create small and fun projects in English including a translation button. 
Coach: Lara Fina Ferrari

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