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Cybersecurity Awareness

mese europeo della sicurezza informatica

Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness

Project Trust aWare campaign for the European month on cybersecurity

October is the European Cybersecurity Month, an initiative that aims to raise awareness on cybersecurity and the importance of protecting on-line activities.


The event, established in 2012, aims to raise citizen awareness and share good security practices, including setting effective passwords, regularly updating software, and learning to recognize phishing attacks. The topic of security cuts across many sectors and involves a shared responsibility also in promoting awareness for the development of a national culture.

Starting this year, the national coordinator of the European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM), the main cybersecurity awareness project, is the National Cybersecurity Agency  (ACN). The initiative, promoted at European level, involves the cooperation of member states, the Commission, and Enisa for the coordinated planning and implementation of annual campaigns in favour of European citizens and organizations, and to increase knowledge of the risks deriving from the use of technologies and the diffusion of good "cyber hygiene" habits.

In particular, the European Cybersecurity Month is divided into a main campaign, scheduled every year in October, and, from this year, into monthly mini-campaigns on key awareness themes, including the campaign promoted in May for the anniversary of World Password Day.

The awareness campaign, promoted with the European Project Trust aWare, via major social networks, will be launched tomorrow, Friday, October 6, and will continues through July 2024. More detailed information is also available on the website dedicated to all the projects aimed at Italian citizens of the European Cybersecurity Month.

For further information: Annaleda

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