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The Empathy of Multicultural Classes

L’empatia nelle classi multiculturali

The Empathy of Multicultural Classes

The Empathy of Multicultural Classes

European Project JOINclusion partnership meeting

Multicultural classrooms represent a unique environment for the development of empathy, thanks to their great diversity of language, social class, geographical origin, and culture. Students begin to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they will need to interact positively with people from different backgrounds in their present and future lives.

JOINclusion promotes a new approach to social inclusion based on empowerment and the acquisition of skills as factors capable of bringing about changes in behaviour and approach to differences. The project aims to reach a new milestone in providing innovative game-based pedagogy and assessment methods, which stimulate emotional intelligence, especially empathy, as a fundamental pillar of pro-social skills that promote inclusion and acceptance of diversity.

The project meeting is scheduled for December 13-14 in Athens, at the University of West Attica  (UNIWA). Project Manager Annaleda Mazzucato will participate for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. The objective of the meeting is to define the beginning of the experiments and the training course involving teachers and their classes (ages 7-12) starting in January 2024.

The project combines interactive multimedia technology with the principles of technology-mediated learning to develop a collaborative serious game, capable of training children in empathy, defined as the ability to understand the perspective or mental state of another and allowing the interpretation of experiences or perspectives in a cross-cultural context from more than one worldview.

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