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Fax, PC and Social Networks

Le storie di Job Digital Lab
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Fax, PC and Social Networks

Fax, PC and Social Networks

Job Digital Lab: sharing local stories.

With the help of Nicoletta Vulpetti, a true lover of identity stories, the second edition of Job Digital Lab, the educational programme developed with ING Italia, presents the stories of the protagonists of personal and community change.

Carlo Nucci, from Rome, participated in the Job Digital Lab courses to understand how digital communication works. His technological story begins with a fax, continues with a PC and is currently about social media. For his entire life, his passion for flight was driven by a curiosity to learn that never stopped, not even when he retired. In fact, he is now finding space for the future.


I’m a technological man. And I have been so since the word technology was not even so popular. I graduated in aeronautical engineering in 1970. There were 12 of us at the specialisation course. Then, I attended the Air Force Academy and stayed on for 18 years.

I was in charge of maintenance and airplane construction. Our offices had cutting-edge equipment. In 1986, for example, we were the first in the Ministry of Defence to have a fax to communicate with the international companies with which we collaborated.

The advent of computers was extraordinary. It allowed us to share work and work at hither unimaginable speeds. And I’ve always been interested in anything strange and new. I have no fear of these things, I just have to understand their potential and what can be done with them.

I probably received this inquisitive DNA from my grandfather, who invented the parachute. His stories about jumping out of the first-floor window with an umbrella have become legendary. And, like him, I’m a member of the Air Force Pioneers Association (Associazione Pionieri dell’Aeronautica) in the Pioneers of Aeronautical Progress Category. I had the honour of being admitted.

My life has all been about curiosity and learning. So, it was with a heavy heart that in 1988, I left the Air Force headed to Alenia for new experiences.

I retired in 2012 but have not stopped since. Together with a group of friends, we founded an innovative start-up called “Spazio Futuro,” developing an app that allows pilots of ultralight aircraft to get a picture of the weather in real-time: not just the forecast, but current atmospheric conditions, too. And there is no other application like it. We were the first in Europe.

Now, at 76, although I’ve always been technological, I have realized that I don’t know enough about social media and digital communication. So, I signed up to Job Digital Lab, because digital illiteracy cuts you out of the world and I want to be in it.

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