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A Good Start Bodes Well

Coding Girls
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A Good Start Bodes Well

A Good Start Bodes Well

Coding Girls in Mozambique: training session in the Province of Teti

Coding Girls in Mozambique: training session in the Province of Teti.

Project manager, project officer... roles that no longer make a distinction between profit and non-profit also end up hiding how exciting social work really is, although it often is very complicated, tiring, and complex. Luckily, we are reminded by Elisabetta Gramatica, who coordinates the Coding Girls in Mozambique Project, in a page from her personal work diary. Last Friday began with a video conference with young women from the Province of Teti in Mozambique. The meeting included a "role modelling session with Samantha Di Genova, a young university student – a former Coding Girl - and coach at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, an example of determination and courage," writes Elisabetta. Just an observation here: Coding Girls is not only a training program, but also a true experience. This is why, in reality, you never become an "ex Coding Girl," you remain one for your whole life [see story: Samantha Doesn’t Stop at “NOs”].

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At 6.30 the alarm rings. It's Friday May 3rd. May already? How is it possible? May 3rd… May 3rd… May 3rd, why did the alarm ring at 6.30? Little by little, I start to remember: an online role modelling meeting with girls from Mozambique awaits me! My awakening is a mix of excitement and drowsiness. I get out of bed, as the darkness of the night gradually gives way to the new day. I prepare a cup of coffee to give me the right energy and head towards my workstation, where the computer is already on and waiting for me.

I connect to the online platform for a test, and, to my amazement, there is already someone waiting for us. I see the smiling faces of the twenty students from the province of Tete, in front of their PCs, chatting amongst themselves. If this were a painting, I believe the title would most likely be “Enthusiasm.”

"Good morning, girls. Welcome!" I begin with a smile. The girls respond enthusiastically in unison, a chorus that warms my heart. I begin to guide them towards the theme of the day: a role modelling meeting with Samantha Di Genova, a young university student - former Coding Girl - and coach at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, an example of determination and courage. Thus, begins another appointment of the Coding Girls programme in Mozambique.

While Samantha introduces herself, her colleagues Cecilia and Valentina also join us. Indeed, these appointments are first and foremost a pleasure, the pleasure of sharing, of getting to know each other, of learning, of discovering ourselves.

I observe the girls, who pay attention to every word; or rather, are careful to grasp every word uttered by Samantha in Micol's translation from Italian to Portuguese. It's as if we were all sitting around a table, despite the geographical distance that separates us.

Then, it's their turn. The young students from the Province of Tete, led by their tutor Pinho, are not afraid to tell their stories. They share their experiences, their stories, their aspirations, and the difficulties they have encountered in their personal lives. Ernista and Alice speak about their schooling. They had to convince their family of the value of studying, also and above all of technological disciplines; or Iania, who after her father's death is firmly convinced that she wants to carry forward his greatest teaching: "by continuing to study I would be able to achieve a better future."

We end the meeting with the ritual family photo - as the students call a group photo - and we close the connection thinking that, perhaps, the alarm clock at 6.30 in the morning was not our best friend today, but we are certainly starting the day with a special charge. It's really true that a good start bodes well.

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