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Grandparents on the Internet in Bracciano

Nonni su Internet

Grandparents on the Internet in Bracciano

Grandparents on the Internet in Bracciano

Special lab tomorrow with Mayor Crocicchi and Councillor Guitarrini

The Liceo Ignazio Vian in Bracciano has organised a Grandparents on the Internet Project. Starting March 2, every Thursday (14.30-16.30) the school computer lab has hosted 20 students acting as tutors and 20 local elders

“This long-standing Fondazione Mondo Digitale project has been conceived as an active lab with a significant social impact thanks to the intergenerational exchange. The goal is to make digital natives protagonists, make them responsible for the precious role they can play in society thanks to their know-how," explains School Director Lucia Lolli. “Furthermore, the project aims to promote  citizenship skills and all the soft skills necessary for living and working in the 21st century among students, who are greatly stimulated with this project. Students become PC, web and technology teachers (or rather tutors).”

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 20 participants will receive an unexpected visit from Mayor Marco Crocicchi  and Councillor Massimo Guitarrini (Social Policy, Inclusion and Hospitality). Together with grandparents and children there will also be the School Director Lucia Lolli and teacher Sandro Gambone, affectionately called "the upside down professor," for his ability with innovative teaching inspired by Flipnet, the upside down classroom.

Fondazione Mondo Digitale  Community Coordinator  Cecilia Stajano will connect remotely, from the Campania Region where she is for the Coding Girls hackathon in Salerno.


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