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The Impact of the PNRR on Youth

Fattore J: presentazione del Manifesto della Salute

The Impact of the PNRR on Youth

The Impact of the PNRR on Youth

Factor J: involving students in exploratory research.

“Italy scores 0.816 on the Global Youth Development Index, placing 23rd in the world rankings (16th among the 28 European countries), with a critical performance in the areas of education (36th) and employment (46th), and minimal political and civic participation (125th). In a country where youth is decreasing, the critical issues involving the new generations are often greater than those faced by their peers in other European countries".

Just over a year ago, the government published a document on the potential contribution of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) to improving the condition of youth in Italy. A  transversal priority considered strategic. But are young people aware of the opportunities at stake? How familiar are they with the challenges contained in the PNRR?

As part of Project Factor J, in collaboration with Janssen Italia, we are conducting exploratory research to understand the expectations of young people regarding the PNRR, what they consider a priority and how they imagine the medicine of the future.

We are asking teachers to share the il questionnaire with their classes and invite students to answer the questions. Completing the questionnaire only takes a few minutes.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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