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Innovation Gym on SuperQuark

SuperQuark di Piero Angela

Innovation Gym on SuperQuark

Innovation Gym on SuperQuark

Seven years ago, Piero Angela spoke about new learning environments

"They call them flipped classrooms after the teachers in the United States who wondered: why continue to repeat lessons that bore both the students and us? Why not let the students watch video explanations at home and then, with the help of professors, do in class what they usually do at home alone? Paolo Magliocco and Gianmarco Mori have investigated flipped classrooms in Italy” and the first Innovation Gym developed in 2014 in Rome’s Quadraro neighbourhood.

It was the summer 2015 when Piero Angela (Turin, 1928 – Rome, 2022), creator, curator and conductor of SuperQuark – a TV programme on culture, science and technology – introduced his audience to how teaching could follow a different approach to improve learning.

Here is the report that was broadcast on August 13, seven years ago, on Rai 1 with a 14.89% share. It was watched by over 2 million viewers.

The report by Francesca Marcelli for the "School and Society" section includes interviews with FMD Scientific Director Alfonso Molina and Mauro Del Santo, who was the coach at the New Jobs Workshop Fab Lab.


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