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An Innovative Story of Excellence

evento finale Te.Com. allo spazio attivo Casilina

An Innovative Story of Excellence

An Innovative Story of Excellence

Nine finalists for the Te.Com. Challenge with Lazio Innova

Last Friday, the Spazio Attivo Rome Casilina hosted the final event of Project Te.Com. Technology and Communication, promoted with Lazio Innova

The challenge to report excellence in Lazio with digital tools was accepted by 150 students, organized into 39 teams from 6 high schools:

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci - Maccarese - 5 teams, Eleonora Bernabucci coordinated by Prof.
  2. Livia Bottardi - Rome - 5 teams, coordinated by Prof. Silvia Perrone
  3. Plauto - Rome - 9 teams, coordinated by Professors Laura Antonioli and Giuseppe Cintio 
  4. Enzo Rossi - Rome - 6 teams, coordinated by Prof. Manuela Mancioppi
  5. Leopoldo Pirelli - Rome - 8 teams, coordinated by Professors  Giovanni Rappa and Barbara Squillante
  6. Gullace Talotta - Rome - 6 teams, coordinated by Prof. Carla Pelliccia

Nine projects, three for each challenge, were selected for the final event:

  • Videogame to contrast fake news in Life Sciences
  • Robotic prototypes to help fragile users with 5G
  • Cultural event on wearable technology


"Fake News and Gaming"

  • Team Truthseekers (5 students) - Leonardo Da Vinci - Maccarese

    Project Acta Diurna: the video game begins with a journalist who notices a fake news item: "Covid is an Invention" on the paper they work for.
  • Team The impostor (3 students) - Livia Bottardi - Rome

    Project The impostor: the aim of the game is to identify fake news using a PC’s ability to recognise questions, providing true and false clues.
  • Team After Hours (5 students) - Liceo Gullace Talotta - Rome

    Project Goosebumps News: Goose Game is one of the best known board games. Players simply roll dice and advance around the board to reach the end. The game is reinterpreted as an on-line game.

"Robotics with 5G for Fragile Users "              

  • Team Caregivers (5 students) - Liceo Leonardo Da Vinci - Maccarese

    Project Ilizia: Evolution of AI 5G robots. 
  • Team S.i.a.u.f. (5 students) - IIS Pirelli - Rome

    Project Sintetizzatore vocale: a transcribing device operating via a reception device and a 5G smartphone for deaf people with parameters registering emotional expression and mood of the speaker, to help comprehension for a wider audience.
  • Smart Belt (4 students) - IIS Pirelli - Rome

    Project Smart Belt: a highly innovative electronic device for smart mobility that allows sight-impaired individuals to move about freely.

"Rethinking Fashion"

  • Holo Team (5 students) - Liceo Artistico Enzo Rossi - Rome

    Project Holo Fashion: Your outfit project right onto your clothes. Change as often as you like. It’s the beginning of your virtual challenge.
  • Team The Climate Hepler (4 students) - Liceo Artistico Enzo Rossi – Rome

Project Climate Change: a capsule collection for climate and safeguarding our planet developed with recycled textiles and transformed with Fab Lab technology.  

  • Team Icyou (7 students) - Liceo Artistico Enzo Rossi - Rome

    Project Vision: a journey through eyeglasses: showcase with cylinders that rotate and project the model with the glasses.

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