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Looking for Work with LinkedIn

Francesco Costanzo

Looking for Work with LinkedIn

Looking for Work with LinkedIn

Job Digital Lab’s micro-learning modules

“My best advice? Get involved! Take hold of your future. Create a good LinkedIn profile, connect to new people, develop a network, learn new skills, study, communicate about what you like and like doing. This is the best way to be a protagonist of your professional future.”

When you are looking for a new job, it’s fundamental to be aware of what you are searching for, your skills, and the job market. LinkedIn is a very useful tool in this context. It can help you identify the type of profile you wish to create, study the organisations that interest you, develop a network and communicate with others.

The video, produced by Francesco Costanzo, Enterprise Account Director at LinkedIn, is one of the micro-learning modules developed by Project Job Digital Lab to provide you with greater learning opportunities, at any time and in any place. The objective of the educational programme, developed with ING Italia, is to reinforce the digital skills of those who are looking for a new opportunity on the job market.



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