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Marco’s Scientific Method

Marco Brocchieri

Marco’s Scientific Method

Marco’s Scientific Method

A STEAM Coach receives an award for a work on history

We are particularly pleased to share the professional successes of our trainers with our community, whatever field they are achieved in. Marco Brocchieri, a STEAM Coach for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and teacher at the Quasar Institute (Lecturer in Physical Computing), has been awarded the "Specchio Storico" Special Prize at the 9th edition of the Amarganta Literary Prize for his book libro La neve è caduta. L’attività delle bande partigiane tra Monterotondo e la Val d’Aniene (Youcanprint, 2023)Marco reconstructed the activities of the partisan bands, active during the German occupation in the Sublacense and Monterotondo, from Roman Sabina to the middle Aniene Valley, with previously unpublished historical information. The jury motivated the award as follows:

Direct, scientific, and timely, the essay sheds light on the dynamics of the partisan bands during the German occupation, between Monterotondo and the Sublacense area, crossing the Roman Sabina up to the middle Aniene Valley.

The author's dry style accompanies the masterful excursus, portraying moments, faces, voices, provisions, communications, documents, lists, and appendices to history with scientific rigor and passion. The essential reconstructions of ideas and actions are precise and exhaustive, analysing every single reality and mutual inferences, connecting everything in a scenario of extraordinary coherence for the community.


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