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A Passion for Robots

Laboratorio di robotica a Bari

A Passion for Robots

A Passion for Robots

OpenSpace: a 10-hour course to discover your talent and penchant for robotics

Fail, try again, believe in yourself, improve the organisation, collaborate with classmates … this is the work of the young designers at the Istituto comprensivo Grimaldi-Lombardi in Bari, the hub school for Project OpenSpace, who describe what they have learned in their mini-robotics lab, besides the basics of electronics and coding.

The lab, which is held by Coach Nicola Sassanelli, involved all year-two classes during the months of February and May in various ten-hour courses.

Using sensors, lights and motors, the students explored the principles of electronics and the potential of coding for practical and fun applications. They used the Arduino chipsets at the Innovation Gym to develop small interactive games.

In the audio clip, the students explain what they learned and the skills they developed and practiced, like creative thinking, collaboration, ability to relate to others and self-awareness. And two young girls learned about their love for designing robots.


Ascolta "OpenSPACE: un percorso di 10 ore per appassionarsi alla robotica" su Spreaker.




Project  "OpenSPACE – Active Participation Spaces for the Educational Community" allows selected by Con i Bambini as part of the Fund to contrast the educational poverty of minors (Adolescence Call), is a four-year project to make communities inclusive and responsible for promoting the educational and cultural growth, as well as to empower pre-adolescents and adolescents. The project is implemented in suburban areas of Bari, Milan, Palermo and Reggio Calabria.


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