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Roll Cloud: 25 Years of Cloud

Roll Clud nell'area X

Roll Cloud: 25 Years of Cloud

Roll Cloud: 25 Years of Cloud

Cloud computing, which has allowed us to redesign digital services and tools, turns 25. It has allowed millions of companies to overcome the cost of purchasing and maintaining physical servers for data centres by moving all operational functions to the cloud.

Today, the cloud is a global market valued at 484 billion euro. For 2030, a Grand View Research Project forecasts a business turnover of 1500 billion euro and a 15.7% growth rate. What is the situation in Italy and Europe? According to Eurostat, 60% of Italian enterprises claim to use cloud services for a market estimated by the Cloud Transformation Observatory at the Milan Polytechnic University to be worth 4.5 billion euro (+15% compared to 2021).

Cloud adoption by Italian enterprises (60%) is above the European average (42%). Italy places fifth, ahead of Germany (40%) and France (30%), while Sweden leads the ranking (75%) and Bulgaria comes in last (13%). The Eurostat report specifies that 79% of companies use cloud services for e-mail (Italy placing firs at 96%), 68% for storage, and 58% for security applications. These figures are significant but still inferior to applications with more advanced objectives such as accounting, client management and resource planning. In fact, the cloud paradigm can be adapted to many IT infrastructural areas.

The first person to use the term “cloud computing” in academia was Professor Ramnath Chellappain Dallas on October 26, 1997, at the "Intermediaries in Electronic Markets" Conference. Prof. Chellappa defined cloud computing as a “new IT paradigm whose boundaries will be defined by economic logic rather than technological limits.”

Thanks to Project Roll Cloud, developed as part of the “Opening Future” Programme by Google CloudIntesa Sanpaolo and Noovle, 1500 students in Piedmont were introduced to cloud applications, learned about new professional figures, and worked on the design of products and services. The final event and the presentation of the project finalists will be held on Thursday, January 12 in Turin at the Intesa Sanpaolo Area X.

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