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Statistics for Decision-making

Coding Girls a Caserta

Statistics for Decision-making

Statistics for Decision-making

Coding Girls: Results of the Caserta creathon.

“I am really impressed. They are only 16 and 17 years old and they are completely at ease with statistical terms such as variable, media, median, quartile, mode, histogram, variance, correlation, index, and many others,” explains Cecilia Stajano, Community Coordinator for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, who has been on a tour of Italy to attend the final challenges of the Coding Girls Programme. Yesterday, Cecilia, together with Teresa D’Onofrio, 24, a digital civil service operator, was at the  "Luigi Vanvitelli" University of Campania for the creathon dedicated to curvature in data science, with 60 students participating in the challenges [see news: We are the Data].

“If I think that just two weeks ago, before they began the Coding Girls course on curvature in data science, these students had no idea about statistical concepts … this reveals how the more experience we accrue, the more we give value to words and to knowledge, the more complete and freer we are to make decisions,” explains Cecilia. “Thanks to the words given to us by Prof. Rosanna Verde, we have understood that statistics teaches us how to live and how to make decisions. I adore this new aspect of knowledge!” 

And here are the winners selected by the Jury:

    Team Supermarket - Francesco Giordani, Caserta
    Team: Martina Canu, Marianna Cervera, Carlo Giordano, Gianmanuel Emilio Papa, Domenico Pinna, Chiara Sannia 
    Title: Supermarket Dataset 
    We created a programme capable of analysing the internal financial situation of a supermarket, focusing on the amount of money spent per type of customer and other factors. These analyses led to the creation of a dataset regarding all supermarket costs.
    Team Company Data - Francesco Giordani, Caserta
    Team: Carolina Cammisa, Imane Saydi, Emiliana Mastropietro, Marica Iodice, Anna Pagliaro, Annantonietta Di Caprio, Federica Esposito.
    Title: Team Company Data
    In this statistics project, we analysed a sample of qualitative and quantitative data on company personnel.
    Team San Benedetto 1 - San Benedetto, Cassino (Frosinone)
    Team: Martina Meo, Giacomo Ciocca, Siria Folco 
    Title: “Invalsi” Italian Test 2023
    In the project, we analysed the results of the 2023 Italian language tests. We carried out a descriptive analysis of the data through graphic representations. Additionally, we assessed geographic and school-type differences in student outcomes.

This was the first trip away for Teresa: “I'm really happy to have participated and to have seen young students dealing with technical topics such as statistics. Even though they presented their projects for just a few minutes, you could see the work carried out by each team, thanks also to the help of tutors. Events like today's hackathon in Caserta make us understand how important knowledge and training are to bring students together from a young age; perhaps, in the future, they will apply this knowledge to their working and non-working lives.”



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