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Student as Cybersecurity Guardians

hackathon di Coding Girls

Student as Cybersecurity Guardians

Student as Cybersecurity Guardians

TGR Campania news show reports on the Coding Girls hackathon.

Yesterday, the 2 pm edition of the regional Campania news show (Rai 3) broadcast a report on the Eyes on the Web Challenge, organised as part of educational programmes Coding Girls and Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity

Three hundred students, organised into 54 research teams, were asked to act as cyber-investigators to resolve the case of a missing woman. The teams had resources and clues with which to navigate through a labyrinth of secrets and suspects in which every small detail could prove to be the key to the truth.

Student as Cybersecurity Guardians
Report by Mchele Giordano 
TGR Campania, 2 pm edition 

The report included interviews with Delfina Malandrino, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Computer Science Department of the University of Salerno, and Cecilia Stajano, Community Coordinator for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Vice President of the Coding Girls Association.


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