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Termoli: A University for All of Your Needs

Coding Girls, i risultati della sfida nell’Università degli studi del Molise

Termoli: A University for All of Your Needs

Termoli: A University for All of Your Needs

Coding Girls: Results of the University of Molise challenge.

Although the joke "Molise doesn't exist" has been circulating on the Internet for some time, because many don't even remember its capital, the Region certainly exists! And according to Istat, based on its education and training indicators, it has achieved levels of well-being that are higher than or in line with the national average, and significantly higher than those of other southern Italian regions. In particular, the university indicator, which stood at 59.5 percent in 2020, not only marks the greatest positive difference from the average of the South (+12.3), but also from the Italian value (+7.6). Similarly, the share of graduates and other tertiary qualification holders aged 25-39 (32.1% in 2022) is 3.5 points higher than in the rest of the peninsula [source: Istat, Il benessere equo e sostenibile dei territori. Molise 2023]. 

We had a direct experience of this with the Coding Girls hackathon that took place last Friday at the Termoli facility of the University of Molise. After attending a training course on artificia intelligence, in synergy with Ital.IA Lab, which involved more than 300 students, 110 young men and women organised into 18 teams participated in the final ChatSPOT: AI in social Advertising challenge.

Three schools participated:

“In Molise, you understand the value of local university centres, because studying or conducting research locally, as Professor Rocco Oliveto says, does not prevent one from having an eye on other parts of the world or aiming big, especially if you study technology, IT, or artificial intelligence, which require you to be constantly connected with the rest of the world", explains Cecilia Stajano, Community Coordinator for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, who was won over by the atmosphere at the university. Cecilia is convinced that “many Italian Silicon Valleys could be born right here,” from locally-focused innovation. A strong signal witnessed by all the coaches who are studying and specialising here and cultivating a passion for knowledge. 


Challenge Winners

Molto artificiali poco intelligenti
Team members: Angelo Nicola Martinez, Giovanna Zanchelli, Alfonso Pilolli, Roberto Palumbo, Graziella Trifoni, Nicolai Robertuccio - Class 3A SIA, Boccardi
Title: Become More Efficient without Becoming Dependent 
Description: Our project aims to raise awareness among people (especially in the 6-30 age bracket) on the conscious use of artificial intelligence, trying to make people understand that these systems can optimize our lives in a very accessible and efficient way, but at the same time we should remain masters of ourselves without falling into slavery and dependence on these new technologies.


Le ragazze dell'asa 
Team members: Giulia Borrelli, Anissia Di Lullo, Dana Di Lonardo, Raffaella Filadelfia, Chiara Urbano - Class 4A, Majorana
Title: A New Era
Description: How AI has developed over the years


Team members: Alfonso Izzi 4ª C IN, Merouane Nadif 4ª C IN, Stefano Galati 3ª A IN, Lorenzo Amos Cordone – Class 3A IN, Majorana
Title: The Consciousness Algorithm 
Description: The Consciousness Algorithm is an educational and awareness-raising initiative aiming to promote a conscientious, responsible, and ethical use of artificial intelligence amongst young people and the community at large. The project tells the story of Marco, a young programmer struggling with the dilemma between an ethical and unethical use of AI, embodied respectively by the characters Buggy (negative use of AI) and Avast (positive use of AI). Through Marco's story, the project explores the ethical implications of AI and illustrates the importance of making informed and responsible choices to ensure that technology is used for the common good and the progress of society


The Ten Finalists

  • Digital girls 
  • Allumina 
  • Digital Divas 
  • I feel my Genius 
  • Borrelli 
  • Gruppo Popusoi 
  • Le fiorelline 
  • Carnevale 
  • Molto artificiali, Poco intelligenti 
  • Venafro's girls 
  • Di Bona


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